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Hi, I am Mohammed Zeeshan Ahmed and I am a technologist, engineer, linux lover and free and open source software enthusiast.

I fell in love with linux at a very young age (when I was in 4th standard actually when I wrote my first Hello world program in C on a Unix based computer. I transitioned Unix –> Linux soon after though exactly how soon, my memory fails me), though I got introduced to technology much earlier though 8-bit gaming consoles and my first Pentium 3 based computer running Windows 95.

I have been an avid linux user ever since, with my favorite distributions being Fedora, Arch, openSUSE, CentOS, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Blackbox.

When I am not riding my keyboard, I enjoy travelling, am an avid reader and love to establish genuine lasting relationships with people :). I am also a computer gamer.

Of course, as a gamer I do have good hand with the Windows Operating System as well.

I love programming, and yes proudly say that I am a hacker, in the true sense of the word.

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Nick: mzee1000

Channels :

  • #atomic
  • #fedora-cloud
  • #fedora-devel
  • #openstack
  • #centos
  • #centos-devel
  • #fedora-india
  • #dgplug
  • #coreos



Nick: @mzee1000


  • kubernetes-users
  • kubernetes-dev
  • sig-release
  • sig-network
  • sig-storage
  • sig-auth
  • sig-instrumentation
  • sig-docs
  • sig-contribex
  • sig-scalability
  • sig-apps

Public GPG Key : https://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x147A8569AFC5E9ED